Best Assessment Tools for Recruiters

Kelly Cantwell

If your primary recruitment assessment tools include stalking a Linkedin profile and drafting email queries, you can spend a lot of time without identifying the best possible candidates. Given the importance of identifying the right people quickly to edge out the competition, yesterday’s approach to recruiting might be costly to your reputation and business relationships.

To identify good and bad candidates, you need to begin with more information. Imagine your client walking into an interview with a clear idea of the person they’re about to meet. Imagine how well the prospective candidate’s personality and skills match the job requirements for the team.

The best recruiting tools for employers help narrow down a shortlist of candidates who check all the boxes on the company’s wishlist without wasting the company’s time. Let’s look at why you should use online assessment tools for recruitment and how to make these resources work for you.

Using assessments in recruiting

Recruitment assessment tests are accessible evaluations designed to help select the best candidates using data-driven analysis. Thought-provoking questions single out candidates using more than just experience and skills. The answers provide detailed insights into personality traits, aptitude, and integrity.

Online job assessments streamline and automate the hiring process. Only the candidates who match the best traits for the job reach the next stage, so you don’t waste time chasing the wrong candidates.

Invest in future performance, predict long-term fit

Use our personality assessment to identify candidates who will thrive in their role and in your evolving organization.

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The benefits of assessment tools for recruiters

Finding the right candidate is often a lengthy process, but recommending a bad hire can cost you. Because Hire Success® depends on the quality of candidates you deliver, such critical decisions shouldn’t be rushed. However, it can be accelerated with more accuracy using automated recruitment assessment tools. Benefits include:

  • More comprehensive screening to assess knowledge and skills
  • Higher level of applicant engagement following online assessments
  • Improved recruiter productivity. Time isn’t wasted on unsuitable applicants
  • Streamlined data collection
  • More applicants can apply without increasing recruiter workload
  • Better feedback about the application process leads to improved techniques
  • Automated candidate notifications
  • Finding the best candidate match for desired employee personality traits

4 best assessment tools for recruiters

Successful hiring requires information about candidates, ranging from basic skill sets to personality traits. Hire Success® offers four types of assessment tools for recruitment to identify the perfect candidates for any position. This includes personality profiling, aptitude testing, integrity survey, and customizable tests tailored for each job description.

1. Personality profile tool

Hire Success Personality Test

This assessment tool provides a wealth of information about each applicant in a matter of minutes at a price small businesses can afford.

With Hire Success®’ tool, you can discover applicants’ natural traits. Are they:

  • Outgoing and relationship-oriented?
  • Quiet, introverted, and detail-oriented?
  • Aggressive and tenacious?
  • Passive, patient, and compassionate?

Some jobs require aggressive, goal-oriented, high-energy personality types while other jobs are better suited to cautious, thoughtful, detail-oriented people.

The Hire Success® Personality Profile test recognizes where candidates naturally shine and highlights where they might struggle.

Along with each applicant’s data and recruitment assessment test analysis, you’ll receive Sample Interview Questions.

2. Knowledge, Skills, and Ability tests

Hire Success Aptitude Test

Prior job experience doesn’t always reveal an applicant’s skill level. Mediocre workers can do mediocre work for a long time without notice, and shining stars can be overlooked and underutilized.

Hire Success®’ customizable Aptitude Tests allow you to learn how much each applicant knows about any subject necessary for the job.

This system includes more than 200 questions in math, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, logic, clerical, and computer-related issues, including specific questions about major software programs. Add your own questions to develop just the right test for every job in the company.

3. Integrity survey

Hire Success Integrity Test

It can be difficult to get straightforward answers for delicate subjects and easy for candidates to tell you only what you want to hear.

Hire Success®Integrity Test Survey provides insight into the candidate's honest views about topics such as drug and alcohol use, theft or fraud, workplace violence, and attitudes toward past employers.

This system provides a full report on each candidate's answers and generates personalized questions designed to probe any areas that might require further explanation.

4. Custom Test Builder

Hire Success Custom Aptitude Test Builder

The Custom Test Builder from Hire Success® allows you to create personalized recruitment assessment tests from an extensive library of more than 250 questions. Arrange customizable questions in any order or value.

With multiple choice and short-answer responses, the Hire Success® custom test builder is the most flexible, versatile, and secure interview assessment tool available online.

Improve your recruiting process with assessment tests

Hire Success® recruitment assessment tools produce a wealth of information about each applicant.

The system automatically identifies candidates that best match desired attributes, allowing you to easily and quickly shortlist quality talent and send detailed interview packets to your client.

These tools give you the power to provide your clients the service they deserve and make a name yourself along the way.

Kelly Cantwell

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