Sample of the Hire Success® Skills and Aptitude Test Audit Report

If you decide to use the cheating mitigation feature when administering pre-employment skills and aptitude tests, you’ll automatically receive an Audit Report. The Audit Report is only provided for skills and aptitude tests, not other pre-employment tests from Hire Success®.

The cheating mitigation feature helps track behavior during a skills or aptitude test. For instance, you can see if a job applicant left the testing window for any length of time (presumably to look up an answer). And the Audit Report provides a complete, detailed test response timeline for employers to inspect afterward.

Reading the Skills and Aptitude Audit Report

The Hire Success® Audit Report for skills and aptitude tests begins by listing the name and date of the test, the person’s name, and the position/hiring campaign for which the test was given. If you choose, you can select one of the buttons in the top right corner to print the report or share it with others on your hiring team.

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Test Response Timeline in the Audit Report

Hire Success audit report timeline

The next section of the report gives you a complete test response timeline for the job applicant. Here, you’ll see a breakdown of:

  • When the test taker selected answers for a question.
  • All the job applicant’s aptitude test responses.
  • How long it took the candidate to move on to the next question.
  • If and when the test taker left and then returned to the test.

The Audit Report will also show whether the test was automatically submitted because the job candidate left the testing window for too long (presumably to look up an answer) or ran out of time (if a time limit has been set).

If you see from the Audit Report that a test taker left the testing window for any length of time — but you still bring the job candidate in for an interview — you may want to follow up on those particular aptitude test responses during your meeting.

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