Sample Skills and Aptitude Test Detail Report

Skills and aptitude tests are among the suite of pre-employment tests offered by Hire Success®. For every skill or aptitude test you give, our system automatically generates and sends a Detail Report that will be emailed to you upon submission by a job candidate. The Detail Report provides specific information about not only the person’s overall aptitude test score but also how the candidate answered each question on the test.

Reading the Detail Report

The Detail Report has two main sections. In the first section, you’ll see a breakdown of all the questions the job candidate answered incorrectly. The second section shows all the questions the person answered correctly. In both sections, you’ll see the questions and all the answer choices that were available.

Incorrectly Answered Questions

Sample Aptitude and Skills test detail report incorrect answer section

In the first section of the Detail Report, any questions that the job candidate answered incorrectly will appear in the order they were given on the test. The incorrect choice made by the applicant will be shown in red, with the correct choice appearing in green, so you can quickly review answers, see where the candidate made mistakes, and understand how the errors affected the test taker’s overall aptitude test score.

You may want to review or follow up on any incorrect answers with the candidate in person if they are chosen for an interview.

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Correctly Answered Questions

Sample Aptitude and Skills test detail report correct answer section

The second section of the report shows all questions the candidate answered correctly. If some questions had more than one correct answer, or if any questions were given more weight than others on the test, you can review this information to see how the total aptitude test score was affected.

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