Should job applicants study for an employment test?

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One of the most frequently asked questions we get from employers is if they should send out “sample questions” so applicants can prepare for a pre-employment test.

The short answer is, “No.

First of all, no test vendor (including Hire Success!) would publish a list of the questions on its aptitude tests. If people could go online and study the questions in advance, it would invalidate the effectiveness of our tests.

Second, you don’t want someone to just memorize answers for a test. For example, if a candidate memorized all the answers to pass the Bar exam, would you want him or her to be your lawyer? Probably not. You’d want someone who really knows the law, not someone who just passed the test.

Theoretically, if applicants could study just to pass a test without fully understanding the material, they could essentially “trick” their way into getting a job (or at least an interview). However, once you found out that these people didn’t really have the knowledge you thought, you might question your decision to hire them – and maybe terminate their employment.

That not only costs time and money, but puts you back at square one in terms of hiring.

Pre-employment aptitude tests are used to find candidates who can demonstrate their knowledge of the subject matter necessary to be successful in that job before the interview process begins.

If candidates can do well on an aptitude test without studying, you’ll be certain they have the knowledge you’re looking for. You can then decide if you want them take our Personality Profile test and/or bring them in for an interview.

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