Overview of the Hire Success® Custom Test Development Environment

The Custom Test Development Environment software (referred to as the “software”) allows for the development and management of fully customized tests which can be scored online using the Hire Success Online Service Bureau. In order to use or score any test using this software, you will need an account set up with Hire Success to score the tests when received. Test “Scoring Credits” (Credits) may be purchased from Hire Success, or any Hire Success Authorized Dealer or Reseller.

The concept is very simple. You may create any number of guestion databases (“database”) as you like. Each database can store questions on a particular topic or topics, or you may choose to maintain one large Database making all topics available from a single database. You create any number of “categories” within the database so each question may be associated with a particular “category” or topic.

Each category may have any number of questions associated with it. Each question has an area where you may enter the question text in straight text form, or you may also choose to embed HTML code, and even external links to graphics or web pages that may support the question. Each question can be “weighted” by assigning a “point value”. This allows more difficult or more important questions to be worth more on the test than easier or less important questions.

Each question may have between 2 and 5 choices for the person taking the test (“applicant”) to select from. This allows for standard multiple choice questions, or yes/no, true/false questions. Each answer has a “percentage” value of the question’s point value associated with it. normally, incorrect answers will receive 0%, the correct answer will receive 100%. However, this is totally flexible for you to assign other percentages to “acceptable” answers.

Once the database is populated with categories and questions, you may create any number of “test form templates” (referred to as “templates”), which organize either the entire database of questions and categories, or any subset of the questions and categories. This allows you to create and manage any number of different types of online test forms and even different “versions” of the tests.