Sample Integrity Test Interviewer's Report

In the Hire Success® suite of pre-employment tests, the Integrity Survey is the assessment that gauges a job candidate’s ability to be honest, responsible, and reliable. For every integrity test that’s submitted, you’ll automatically receive an Interviewer’s Report. This report provides you with information about the job candidate’s answers to every question, as well as suggested follow-up questions to use if they’re chosen for an interview.

Let’s take a look at how to read and understand the sample report provided below.

How to Read a Sample Integrity Test Interviewer’s Report


The very first section of the Interviewer’s Report offers overall summary information about the test results, including the person’s total score and their estimated risk factor — low, moderate, or high. The total score is a combination of scores from questions in five different categories: drug and alcohol association, honesty, theft involvement, theft risk factors, and attitude toward employers.

In this sample report, an imaginary job candidate named John Smith receives a total score of 255, putting him in the High Risk category. That’s because his answers indicate that he has engaged in risky behaviors before and is likely to continue these behaviors in the future. Anyone with a combined score of 36 or higher will be listed as high risk.

Integrity Test Sample Summary Report


Beneath the summary information, you’ll see a bar chart that reflects the job candidate’s answers in the five main areas noted above, with the percentage of the total score for each of the five. A comment box below the chart provides additional notes. In this integrity test sample, the candidate, John Smith, is in the High Risk category based on past behavior. Any combined score higher than 36 is flagged as high risk, so in light of John’s score of 255, the hiring team is urged to interview him carefully (if chosen for an interview) before making a final hiring decision.

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Additional Report Sections

Additional detail on the job candidate’s answers is provided in three subsections of the Interviewer’s Report:

  • Detailed Information. This section identifies answers the job candidate made that could be considered risk factors for your organization. In other words, if the person gave answers that suggest risky, violent, or dangerous behavior, those answers will be noted here.
  • Special Anger/Violence Section. This section outlines answers that, while not counted in the risk factors total, may reveal a tendency toward aggressive or violent behavior in the job candidate. Any answers noted in this section should be evaluated carefully before bringing that person in for an interview.
  • Sample Interview Questions. In this section, Hire Success® provides follow-up questions based on the individual’s test answers that you may wish to use if they’re brought in for an interview. All of these will directly relate to the answers the job candidate gave about drug and alcohol use, theft, attitudes toward employers, and/or violence in the workplace.

Detailed Information


In the Detailed Information subsection, the report notes any answers given by the job candidate that are considered to be risk factors for your organization. In the integrity test sample here, there are a number of answers that show cause for concern. Although no single answer — or even several answers — should disqualify someone for an interview or job, we urge you to review all the information in this section carefully to help determine whether the person might present a high level of risk for your organization.

Inconsistencies in Integrity Test Answers


This section of the report notes whether there are any inconsistencies in the person’s answers on the integrity test in the areas of drug and alcohol use, theft, violence, and attitudes toward employers and colleagues. Please note that the system only reviews whether or not the answers are exactly the same — for instance, in our sample integrity test, John gave two different responses about the amount of money that was stolen. Slight or minor inconsistencies may not be significant; however, having a number of inconsistencies on one test may alert you to false reporting.

Special Anger/Violence Section


Because of a rise in workplace violence in recent years, Hire Success® offers information about potential areas of concern relating to aggressive or violent behavior on the job. While answers in this section aren’t counted as risk factors, they do bring up issues that may be important to employers. As noted above, one answer in this section shouldn’t be used as a reason not to hire someone, but it’s important to review this information carefully and to perform careful background checks to determine if the person had problems with a past employer.

Sample Interview Questions


Finally, this section provides interview questions for your use that are based directly on the answers and groups of answers given by the job candidate. These questions allow you to address any areas of concern and also allow the applicant to further explain what happened in on-the-job situations that might have led to their choices and behavior. For instance, in our sample integrity test, the follow-up question relates directly to John’s answer to a question about his attitude toward employers.

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