Avoids Change - Likes Change

Avoids Change: This is a person who seeks stability in everything they do. They don't like things to keep changing, rather, they want to be able to count on people, rules, and procedures; and are most comfortable when things are consistent. They will even tolerate things that aren't the way they would like because a change could make it worse instead of better. They aren't the type to want to change careers or jobs often, if at all, and will be the type that hopes to get the gold watch someday.

Likes Change: This is a person who finds change fun and exciting. It fights boredom. If things don't change often enough, this person may go out of their way to cause change just so things don't get stale. They are usually very creative individuals who are always looking for a better way to do everything, even if what they already have works well. They believe you can't have progress without change and more change must mean more progress.