Trait Scales Overview

Information About the Hire Success Trait Scales

The following links explain the topic associated with the 20 trait scales found on the Hire Success® Personality Profile:

The Hire Success Employment Testing System provides twenty (20) different "Trait Scales" (referred to as "Scales") to help identify the unique, business related traits of the Applicant's Personality. Each Scale represents two mutually exclusive extremes, for example: Patient and Impatient, Tolerant and Intolerant, Introverted and Extroverted, etc.

The Scales are not determined by what is expected from any personality type, rather, they are the result of evaluating a group of Trait Characteristics that would commonly describe each Trait extreme on the Scale. The Trait Characteristics are determined from the 100 adjectives on the Personality Profile Form using the Applicant's own assessment of how that adjective applies, or does not apply, to them.

The Hire Success position is that each person is unique, and although the determination of a Primary Personality type may generally indicate to us what traits we could normally expect from someone with that personality, that should not dictate the results of the report. This provides the highest level of accuracy. The System assumes the Applicant knows themselves best and provides an accurate assessment of how the various characteristics apply, or don't apply, to them in a work environment.

The Personality descriptions provided in the Hire Success Personality Profile, offer a traditional, or "classical" description of that Personality. This description provides a background, or "contrast" for the Trait Scales on the individual's report to help the Interviewer identify the unique traits of the Applicant. The Interviewer has an opportunity to construct a more meaningful interview, and is assisted in the selection process.