Personality Temperament History

Brief History

The Hire Success System allows a job Applicant, or Employee, to assess the degree that each of 100 adjectives apply to them at Work. Using a 5-point scale, the Applicant decides if an adjective applies to them often by entering the value of "1" on the Personality Profile Form. If the Adjective seldom, if ever, applies, they may enter the value of "5" next to that word. Values of 2-4 may be used to express varying degrees of applicability between "Often" (1) and "Seldom" (5). The five-point scale offers the Applicant with the ability to provide an accurate assessment of applicability for each of the 100 adjectives on the Profile Form.

Once the answers are entered into the Hire Success System, the Personality "Engine" applies the self-assessment data to lists of characteristics that describe each of Four "Traditional" Personality Types. These personality types can be traced back to the "father of medicine", Hippocrates, in ancient Greece over two thousand years ago.

Hippocrates named the Four Personality types after body fluids: the Choleric, the Melancholic, the Phlegmatic and the Sanguine.

Many different descriptions have been given to the 4 personality types since Hippocrates, but the Hire Success System uses a simple A-D nomenclature.