Avoids Stress - Thrives On Stress

Avoids Stress: This person will be a calm, collected individual who enjoys tranquility instead of the rat race that causes so much stress in daily life. Although they will avoid stressful situation and environments, they won't create stress in an attempt to avoid it. Deadlines will be achieved if possible, but their easy-going approach will give higher priority to other things they consider more fundamental and enjoyable. They will comply with the rules and objectives that are set out for them, but won't like it if others keep changing things that end up leaving problems and stress at their doorstep.

Thrives On Stress: We've all seen and known the "workaholic" that just can't seem to unwind or be happy unless they are busy balancing many things at the same time. Because they have mastered the art of doing so much, they may be impatient and demanding of others who may get in the way of them meeting their objectives or who don't seem to be as totally "engaged" as they are in whatever they are doing. They will probably enjoy competition in all aspects of their life. This may extend to sports activities and even watching sporting events where they can at least witness high stress and demands even while they are "relaxing".