Deliberate/Planner - Spontaneous

Deliberate/Planner: This is the opposite of the spontaneous person. This individual knows exactly why they do everything they do or say. They are strategic in their approach to their work and will often spend a great deal of time planning a detailed strategy. If giving a presentation, it will either be well rehearsed or will be read, but they will not be comfortable talking about whatever comes to mind.

Spontaneous: This type of person will be rather unpredictable, preferring to act or say whatever seems right at the moment. An excellent example might be a stand-up comedian who never knows what may happen and seems to have a knack for rolling with the punches and handling whatever comes their way. They will be more impulsive and think quickly on their feet. If they are wrong about something, they won't dwell on it, preferring instead to apologize and move on.