Impatient - Patient

Impatient: The extremely impatient person hates to wait. They want everything yesterday, but right now will do. Impatience is quite often a characteristic of the "A" personality, although it can be found in some degrees in all 4 of the basic type. The Impatient person will often be the "driver" behind new ideas and projects and can be a source of pressure to "get things done" in other people around them.

Patient: The extremely patient person will wait as long as it takes to get something, whether it be an answer from someone or completion of a task or project. Patient people often feel as though they may not be able to do their best work if they are pressured to get things done or completed at a faster pace. They are often found in supportive roles because they are the most willing to patiently listen to other people's problems and issues, which can be a very valuable trait in some jobs.