Lives For Today - Goal Oriented

Lives For Today: This is the opposite of a very goal oriented person. This individual will lead a carefree lifestyle and get the most out of every day. They may not know where they will be 5 years from now, but they will probably enjoy getting there. They will be indifferent towards the things that motivate the goal-oriented person focusing instead on what's in it for them now, rather than later.

Goal Oriented: This type of person has purpose and direction in life and knows what they want to be, what they want to achieve, and sees each day as an opportunity to be one step closer to achieving whatever they have set out to do. They will be more willing to sacrifice current benefits and pleasures in exchange for assuring their goals will be met. They will be very predictable, especially if you know and understand their goals, since they will be doing whatever it takes to get them where they want to be. They will tend to be very competitive, especially if the goal can only be achieved by one person or a select group to which they belong. They can be motivated by contests and long term rewards.