Skeptic - Promoter

Skeptic: The skeptic, as applied in this system, is one who is not likely to take something at face value and go and tell a lot of people how great it is. Rather, the extreme skeptic will doubt whatever they hear unless sufficient evidence is also available to back up the claims. Even with sufficient evidence, the skeptic will take a very cautious approach before recommending or promoting an idea, concept, or product. The extreme skeptic will probably never be one to be accused of "hyping" something.

Promoter: The promoter is less cautious about having all of the evidence before promoting and idea, concept or a product. Rather, if they believe the source of the information, some creativity will be applied and the promoter will be ready to tell the world about this great find! An extreme promoter won't necessarily promote something he or she knows is not true, but they probably won't demand the kind of proof a skeptic would. The extreme promoter enjoys the promotion so much, that some people may view them as a "hype artist". Although usually very persuasive, the promoter may have a tendency to get carried away at times and can turn some personality types off.