Unpersuasive - Persuasive

Unpersuasive: - An illustration of a completely unpersuasive person is someone who can't convince people to buy bandages at a train wreck. Few people are that unpersuasive, but many don't seem to be very convincing for any of a variety of reasons. Many just aren't comfortable in situations where they have to persuade others to say, do, or buy something. Their own discomfort in the situation may be enough to leave some people unconvinced. The unpersuasive person is hesitant and cautious before putting themself in a situation where the outcome depends on their ability to persuade someone or a group of people.

Persuasive: Persuasive people are very convincing in their presentation of ideas and information. That makes it easy for others to believe and accept what they are saying. They are willing to take some risks in order to get people to see things their way. Some may even consider it risky to even try to make a persuasive argument about a particular subject to certain people. They will tend to be less restrained in their approach and be willing to do whatever it takes to get their point across.