Understanding Winner Personalities at Work

winner personality traits

Secondary Personality Type: Winner

In addition to what the four main personality types (A, B, C, and D), reveal about how people behave at work, Hire Success® also uses personality trait descriptions (which are on a sliding scale) and secondary personality types to add more detail to the picture. Here, we’ll take a look at the Winner personality type and what people in this type need to thrive at work.

How to identify a Winner personality type

Despite the name, Winners don’t have a win-at-any-cost mind-set. Rather, they want to win with style. They’re principled people who want to do things right and win friends along the way. These intrinsically motivated individuals are sometimes impatient with others who put things off, but they can also challenge and motivate those around them to do better.

Think your job candidate might have a Winner personality? Read through the list of Winner personality traits below and see if they apply.

Winner Personality Traits

  • Wants to achieve goals with a flair
  • Ethical in approach — won’t win at any cost
  • Motivated by desire to maintain social approval
  • Doesn’t like to put off tasks
  • Impatient with those who procrastinate
  • Prefers working with others (as opposed to independently)
  • Competitive
  • Challenges others into positive actions and results
  • Impatient and over-reactive when goals not achieved
  • Inherently concerned with social status
  • May appear to be an emotional chameleon at times, altering emotional expression to fit the social surroundings

What are the best career options for the Winner personality type?

Winners thrive in environments where the team is motivated to work together and achieve a goal. They’re competitive, but not cutthroat, and do best in collaborative environments. The best Winner career options provide enough autonomy for Winners to work hard and get the job done to their high standards while also allowing them to work with others and be part of a team.

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