Understanding Bottom Line Personalities at Work

bottom line personality traits

Secondary Personality Type: Bottom Line

While you can glean valuable insight from the four main personality types, that’s just a start. Adding in personality trait descriptions (a sliding scale of 20 opposing traits) and secondary personality types adds much more nuance to your understanding of a person’s working temperament and style. The Bottom Line personality type is one of these secondary types identified in the Hire Success® system.

How to identify a Bottom Line personality type

People with a Bottom Line personality are bold, confident, and all about tackling that next challenge. Read through the Bottom Line personality traits listed below and see if they sound like your job candidate.

Bottom Line Personality Traits

  • Loves a challenge
  • Will tackle anything, regardless of past experience (or lack thereof)
  • Persistent
  • Nothing stands in their way of success
  • Goal-oriented
  • Impatient
  • Becomes upset if they perceive others are taking advantage
  • Independent
  • Expects others to do things their (“Bottom Line”) way
  • Unconventional
  • Not overly concerned with rules or other people's feelings
  • Makes own rules
  • Seeks every opportunity to achieve goals sooner
  • Has well-developed ego
  • Exudes aura of importance
  • Quick to delegate
  • Not overly concerned with details
  • Expects others to take responsibility for details
  • Willingly takes full responsibility for own decisions and actions

What are good career options for the Bottom Line personality type?

As might be expected, Bottom Line personality types thrive in roles that are all about the bottom line. They excel when working with clearly defined key performance indicators. Whatever the goal — driving up revenue, reducing safety incidents, expanding reach, improving patient outcomes — they’ll do their best to reach it.

Bottom Line workers are known for rising to the occasion and making the best of challenging situations. However, they can be discouraged in environments where no one else seems to care about hitting the goal. Additionally, Bottom Line personality types sometimes come across as single-minded or arrogant to coworkers, but it usually becomes clear that they have high expectations for themselves as well.

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