Defining the Traits

Each of the twenty Trait Scales includes two traits which represent opposites of each other. This section will provide some specific information regarding each of the Traits and what they mean in a business setting. Each of the descriptions focus on the "Extreme" definition of each, that is, characteristics of one who is that way most or all of the time.

  1. Introverted vs. Extroverted
  2. Unorganized vs. Organized
  3. Cautious vs. Risk Taker
  4. Inflexible vs. Adaptable
  5. Indecisive vs. Decisive
  6. Intuitive vs. Analytical
  7. Merciless vs. Compassionate
  8. Deliberate/Planner vs. Spontaneous
  9. Lives For Today vs. Goal Oriented
  10. Reactive vs. Proactive
  11. Avoids Change vs. Likes Change
  12. Impatient vs. Patient
  13. Unpersuasive vs. Persuasive
  14. Delegates Details vs. Detailed
  15. Avoids Stress vs. Thrives On Stress
  16. Needs Reassurance vs. Self Confident
  17. Intolerant vs. Tolerant
  18. Team Player vs. Works Independently
  19. Passive vs. Aggressive
  20. Skeptic vs. Promoter