Understanding Builder Personalities at Work

builder personality traits

Secondary Personality Type: Builder

Hire Success® has identified 19 secondary types, which pair with the four main personality types and character trait descriptions to reveal a much more nuanced picture of how a person works, thinks, and behaves on the job.

Of course, every person is unique. No one perfectly fits the mold of a “type.” But just as the four main personality types reveal trends in how a person operates at work, so the secondary types give a better picture.

How to identify a Builder personality type

The Builder personality type loves a challenge. They have no problem seizing the reins or expressing their opinions, even to the boss. Builders want to win.

As mentioned before, everyone is unique, so a person may not fit 100% of these traits. However, when you read over the list, you might have an aha! moment or think, “Yes, that sounds like my job candidate.” Read on for more insight into Builder personality traits.

Builder Personality Traits

  • Driven by new opportunities
  • Strives to achieve better and higher goals
  • Burning desire to win
  • Freely speaks their mind
  • Becomes agitated if they feel they are losing control
  • May not give credit to others involved in their success
  • Manipulative at times
  • Challenges superiors
  • Will not pass the buck
  • Freely takes responsibility for actions
  • Often the driving force behind successful endeavors
  • No obstacle too high
  • Questions authority
  • Not afraid to rock the boat

What are the best Builder personality career options?

Builder personality types thrive in roles with external markers for success. They want their day-to-day work to end in success, so stats like higher sales figures, increased market share, or more page views give them a concrete goal to build toward.

Their interpersonal styles are also suited for leading results-oriented teams or for working in environments where it’s crucial that leaders hear honest feedback. Builders are willing to provide the constructive pushback that can lead to fresh thinking (and help avoid disaster).

Viable Builder career options typically do not include roles where there’s no opportunity for growth. Builders also may not be a good fit for teams that tend toward stagnancy or unthinking acceptance of the status quo.

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