Understanding Communicator Personalities at Work

communicator personality traits

Secondary Personality Type: Communicator

Secondary personality types build on the four main personality types and sliding character trait descriptions identified by Hire Success® to offer more insight into how a person behaves at work, as well as what their preferences for a working environment might be.

How to identify a Communicator

The Communicator personality type is the consummate “people person.” They’re great at connecting with others and setting them at ease, and they value those working relationships. Ironically, this may actually rub some people the wrong way, but most people enjoy the warmth and enthusiasm that Communicators bring to the team.

The Communicator personality type often goes along with creative energy and idea generation. Check out the list below to see if the following Communicator personality traits apply to your job candidate.

Communicator Personality Traits

  • Needs to be popular
  • Needs social acceptance
  • Makes others feel comfortable
  • Gives flattering compliments (with a tendency to overcompliment at times)
  • Viewed as an opportunist
  • Tells people what they want to hear
  • Comes up with good ideas (gets them started — won’t necessarily finish them)
  • Jumps from one activity to another
  • Natural talker
  • Great communicator
  • Lets people know where they stand
  • Disappointed that other types don’t provide feedback as readily
  • Draws out info by asking questions
  • Verbose
  • Frustrates other types trying to seek “bottom line” without excessive wordiness

What are good Communicator career options?

Good communication is required in most functioning teams, so you’ll find Communicators in a wide variety of roles. However, Communicators looking for career options may want to seek out jobs that offer opportunities for their natural skills to shine. Client- and customer-facing jobs tend to suit the Communicator personality type well and offer an outlet for the connection they desire.

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