Understanding Developer Personalities at Work

developer personality traits

Secondary Personality Type: Developer

Personalities are complex. While the four main personality types (A, B, C, and D) paint a person in broad strokes, more specific character trait descriptions and the secondary personality types add more detail to the picture. The Developer personality type can combine with various main types and additional traits, giving you a fuller idea of how a person operates at work.

How to identify a Developer personality type

Developers are driven and personable go-getters who do what it takes to achieve their goals. If your job candidate is a Developer, you may observe in them many of the Developer personality traits on our list below. If you were to ask the candidate, they may even admit that they are things other people have said about them. Personality tests can also help reveal more about your candidates’ main and secondary personality types.

Developer Personality Traits

  • Driven by new opportunities
  • Strives to achieve better and higher goals
  • Burning desire to win
  • Freely speaks their mind
  • Becomes agitated if they feel they are losing control
  • May not give credit to others involved in their success
  • Manipulative at times
  • Challenges superiors
  • Will not pass the buck
  • Freely takes responsibility for actions
  • Often the driving force behind successful endeavors
  • No obstacle too high
  • Questions authority
  • Not afraid to rock the boat
  • Unusually unique ability to get along well with others
  • Exceptionally well-liked by most

What are the best careers for the Developer personality type?

A Developer personality’s career options are numerous, but this type should especially look for positions that offer a challenge. Developers are naturally motivated by goals and take a results-oriented mind-set, clearing away obstacles and making necessary changes to achieve success.

But while some ambitious people might rub others the wrong way, the Developer personality type has a knack for getting along with others. This combination of ambition and likeability helps them break through where others might struggle.

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