Understanding Diplomat Personalities at Work

diplomat personality traits

Secondary Personality Type: Diplomat

The 19 secondary types that Hire Success® has identified pair with personality types (A, B, C, and D), as well as the character trait descriptions, to give you an in-depth idea of how someone behaves at work. Everyone is unique, but by looking at these different aspects of personality, you can get a good idea for the way someone tends to behave and think on the job. This is useful for job seekers trying to find a good fit, as well as managers looking to support their teams well.

How to identify a Diplomat personality type

Diplomats tend to be data-oriented workers who take pleasure in precision. They loathe conflict at work and do their best to approach others with tact and respect. Thoughtless or pot-stirring coworkers really stress out the Diplomat personality type.

If you’re dealing with a Diplomat, you might find yourself nodding along to the list of Diplomat personality traits below.

Diplomat Personality Traits

  • Precise
  • Predictable
  • More comfortable with facts and statistics
  • Less comfortable with people and relationships
  • Unpredictable, antagonistic and thoughtless people cause stress
  • Tactful
  • Diplomatic at resolving issues
  • Calculated
  • Persistent
  • Keeps to self, very private
  • Though seeking friendship, waits for other person to be initiator

What are the best Diplomat personality career options?

Diplomat personality types thrive in environments that are predictable, where they can focus on the task at hand. They tend to make reliable, conscientious members of their teams. However, while their tact and diplomacy can actually make them effective at managing others and resolving conflict, Diplomat personality types can be drained quickly if they spend too much of their time dealing with people.

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