Understanding Good Samaritan Personalities at Work

good samaritan personality traits

Secondary Personality Type: Good Samaritan

Combining multiple measures of personality yields more valuable insight into a person’s behavior at work. Although the four main personality types (A, B, C, and D) paint a person’s tendencies in broad strokes, the secondary personality types identified by Hire Success® add greater depth with more options and combinations. And our sliding scale of 20 character trait descriptions captures how much a person tends towards one of two opposing traits.

For example, it’s helpful to know that someone is a Type B personality, but it gives you much more nuance to know that they’re a Type B with a Good Samaritan secondary personality type and a strong tendency toward extroversion over introversion.

What are signs that you’re dealing with a Good Samaritan personality type?

Good Samaritan personality types genuinely value other people. They aren’t necessarily social butterflies, but they take the time to build strong working and personal relationships. They’re great conversationalists who are able to speak engagingly and listen attentively. Read the list of Good Samaritan personality traits below to see if any spark recognition for you.

Good Samaritan Personality Traits

  • Seeks close, personal relationships
  • Becomes very attached
  • Friendship is more important than popularity
  • Good listener
  • Good talker
  • Makes people feel comfortable
  • Empathetic
  • Goes out of their way to help others
  • Trusting (sometimes too trusting)
  • Likes everyone to be friends
  • Becomes gullible under stress
  • May make bad decisions because of tendency to trust info from unreliable sources

What are the best careers for a Good Samaritan personality type?

Good Samaritans are excellent at building deep business relationships that feel authentic. They thrive when they have the time and space to prioritize those connections; stress can throw them for a loop. While caregiving professions make for obvious career options for Good Samaritan personality types — and they can indeed excel there — they also flourish in industries that are built on trust and who you know.

Good Samaritan personality types can make capable leaders who care deeply about the growth and progress of their team members. However, some may reject the pressure that goes along with leadership in certain environments.

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