Understanding Harmonizer Personalities at Work

harmonizer personality traits

Secondary Personality Type: Harmonizer

While the personality trait descriptions and four main personality types reveal a lot about how people behave at work, the secondary personality types that Hire Success® has identified add even more nuance to your understanding. People are complex, and taking many different factors into account gives you a fuller picture of how a person operates within the workplace. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the Harmonizer personality type.

How to identify a Harmonizer

The Harmonizer personality type wants everyone to get along and struggles with conflict. This type is truly thoughtful and puts the work in to get along with and be liked by others. Sometimes, the Harmonizer might need a reminder that conflict can be healthy.

Wondering whether you might be dealing with a Harmonizer? Read through the list of Harmonizer personality traits below and see if they sound familiar.

Harmonizer Personality Traits

  • Principle objective is to win approval
  • Fears conflict and disagreement
  • Prefers steady, calm, and stable environment
  • Seeks peace and harmony
  • Compassionate
  • Caring
  • Provides comfort and reassurance
  • Good listener
  • Extremely loyal
  • Appreciative
  • Recognizes special occasions
  • Shows thoughtfulness to others

What are the best Harmonizer career options?

Harmonizer personality types thrive in serenity — and while they won’t flourish in environments with high levels of unhealthy conflict, they can help the office become a more peaceful, friendly place to work. The Harmonizer is likely to recognize special occasions and the contributions of their team members. That, paired with their loyalty and compassion, make them a stabilizing presence on teams.

Harmonizers looking for career options may be inclined to investigate the workplace culture and how the team works together. They’ll want to avoid tense, antagonistic workplaces, which few enjoy but will affect them more than most. On the other hand, a Harmonizer personality type will be a good fit for many teams and have a special flair cultivating positive relationships with stakeholders.

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