Understanding Highly Correct Personalities at Work

highly correct personality traits

Secondary Personality Type: Highly Correct

In addition to personality types (A, B, C, and D), which are the broadest types, Hire Success® also uses personality descriptors to help paint a more detailed picture of how a particular person tends to behave at work. These include the character trait descriptions, which are sliding scales of opposing personality traits (such as introverted/extroverted), as well as secondary personality types such as the Highly Correct personality type.

How to identify a Highly Correct personality type

People belonging to the Highly Correct personality type aren’t always correct — but they often are because it really matters to them. These detail-oriented thinkers always do their homework and can have a streak of perfectionism. They often pick up on things others miss (and sometimes save the day because of it). Occasionally, their highly rational nature can conflict with those around them, especially if they view others as behaving in a way that doesn’t make sense.

Sound familiar? Keep reading for more insight into Highly Correct personality traits.

Highly Correct Personality Traits

  • Very detail oriented
  • Usually correct
  • Thoroughly researches all facts
  • Hard to understand and relate to at times
  • Nature is complex and abstract
  • Sets own high standards
  • Seeks and respects quality and fine things
  • Concerned about how things appear to others
  • Isn’t satisfied until all things are perfect
  • Good at controlling emotions
  • Annoyed with irrational or illogical people
  • Worries under stressful situations
  • Discerns consequences others might not think of
  • Able to avert disastrous situations

What are good career options for the Highly Correct personality type?

Highly Correct personality types thrive in careers where getting it right matters. On the flip side, they might struggle in roles that are more focused on flexibility and interpersonal relationships — though they can be adept at those things when they need to be. Their high standards and methodical approach help them find success in roles that involve building and fixing things, successfully launching new products, and more.

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