Intuitive - Analytical

Intuitive: The extremely "intuitive" person is one who makes decisions and evaluates things based on "gut feel". They may even at times ignore facts, or what appear to be facts, if they have a "feeling" they know the right answer. Many times they do know the right answer and this can be a valuable trait, especially in some jobs where there may be few facts and little information available to evaluate and the person is well versed, or even and "expert" in the field. The very intuitive person usually won't spend a lot of time analyzing things and may get easily frustrated when forced to analyze things where they feel they already know the answer or best way.

Analytical: The highly "analytical" person can often be characterized by "analysis paralysis". The "C" type personality type is the most prone to be extremely analytical. They hardly accept anything at face value and will normally not make decisions until they have all of the facts and figures, and then still may not be completely satisfied. A high level of detail orientation and patience are also commonly associated with this trait. This can be a very valuable asset in many job positions where all sides of an issue must be thoroughly explored before making a decision or moving on.