Reactive - Proactive

Reactive: Individuals considered to be "reactive" in this test wait for things to happen and then decide what they will do, versus the "proactive" person who goes after the outcome they desire rather than waiting for the outcome to come to them. The "reactive" person will tend to be flexible and adapt easily because they have to, not knowing what will happen next. They may have to do things quickly, and may be very good at it, as they have often waited until the last minute to take action. If they are very good at being reactive, their senses will be very sharp and they will pick up on small things that others might overlook, as this can be the key to reacting properly when time is short.

Proactive: This person deliberately goes after the outcome they seek and will do whatever it takes. They will be very good at handling people along the way, even those with differing opinions and ideals, as they will do whatever they can to manipulate things to bring about the desired outcome. They won't stop until they get what they want and are generally unwilling to compromise unless it helps them get what they are after. Although this may sound similar to being "goal oriented", like that above, a person who "Lives for Today" may still exhibit proactive qualities; the difference is in the time involved for the various objectives. If objectives are very short-term, a person who "lives for today" could take a very proactive approach in trying to control the outcome of today's events.