Understanding Shoot for the Moon Personalities at Work

shoot for the moon personality traits

Secondary Personality Type: Shoot for the Moon

Hire Success® has identified 19 secondary personality types that work with the four main personality types and sliding character trait descriptions to create an in-depth portrait of how a person tends to operate within a workplace environment. The Shoot for the Moon personality type is one of those possible secondary types, and it can be combined with any of the four main types.

Of course, people are complex; no personality test can capture all aspects of a person’s temperament and character. But the test results are a quick way to help hiring teams get a feel for a person’s overall style. Additionally, knowing your own type can help you better understand the types of roles, workplaces, and teams where you are most likely to flourish.

How to identify a Shoot for the Moon personality type

The Shoot for the Moon personality type tends to be confident and ambitious, with a goal of achieving extraordinary things. They want to be good at what they do — and receive recognition for it, too. Read the list below to see whether any of the common Shoot for the Moon personality traits describe your job candidate.

Shoot for the Moon Personality Traits

  • Ambitious
  • Aspiring
  • Confident
  • Seeks recognition
  • Fears being considered ordinary or routine
  • Will become an expert to accomplish goals
  • Good problem solver
  • Exercises self-control
  • Doesn’t like to be criticized
  • Respects opinion of peers who are equally or more knowledgeable

What are the best Shoot for the Moon career options?

Shoot for the Moon personality types will want to look for careers where they have room to grow. They tend to seek out roles that might be a bit of a reach for them, or teams who are trying to do something new or disrupt an industry norm.

If you’re a hiring manager, know that people who fall under this personality type tend to thrive across a huge variety of industries and roles. Be sure to give your Shoot for the Moon team members a clear idea of how they can exceed expectations and continue to grow in their careers. And remember: With this type especially, a little recognition goes a long way.

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