Understanding Socializer Personalities at Work

socializer personality traits

Secondary Personality Type: Socializer

Secondary personality types are used by Hire Success® to help you understand the finer points and aspects of someone’s personality. The process begins by determining which of the four main personality types — A, B, C or D — a person matches. But afterward, we can explore the character trait descriptions and determine a secondary personality type that gives more insight into how a person acts and reacts in various situations in the workplace, as well as which work environments they do best in. Here, we’ll examine the Socializer personality type.

How to identify a Socializer personality type

Socializers, not surprisingly, are outgoing and social. These people really want others to like them. But Socializers are not afraid to voice their opinions — sometimes at length and to the annoyance of their coworkers.

Maybe you’ve observed some of these qualities in a job candidate. Review the Socializer personality traits listed below to see if any of them apply as well.

Socializer Personality Traits

  • Unusual ability to get along with others
  • Needs to be popular
  • Makes other people feel comfortable
  • May overcompliment at times
  • Will be upset if someone doesn’t like them
  • Initiates good ideas — won’t necessarily finish them
  • Jumps from one activity to another
  • Good talker
  • Isn’t afraid to let others know where they stand
  • Disappointed if others do not readily provide feedback
  • Draws out info from others by asking questions
  • Excessive wordiness frustrating to many others

What are the best Socializer career options?

Socializers generally feel comfortable in an environment where they can talk, ask questions, and learn about others. They do well working in partnerships and teams, where they’re good at making others feel included, and prefer to be in situations where they can get regular feedback on their performance. They may also have a tendency to jump from one activity or project to the next, which can make them seem flighty or unsettled; however, their ability to get along with all kinds of people generally makes them well-liked at work.

Good Socializer career options include roles that allow them to use their outgoing, friendly nature and desire to get to know and communicate with others. Any of the following roles would be a natural choice for a Socializer: real estate agent, host/hostess, salesperson, teacher, therapist, nurse, customer service agent, or human resources professional.

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